30 days

Snn kommer bloggen til se ut i desember. En liten julekalender om dere vil. Tror det blir kult!

Day 01- Introduce yourself
Day 02- Your first love
Day 03- Your parents
Day 04-Your favorite birthday
Day 05- Your definition of love
Day 06- Your day
Day 07- Your best friend
Day 08- A moment
Day 09- Your beliefs
Day 10- What you wore today
Day 11- Your siblings
Day 12- What's in your bag
Day 13- This week
Day 14- What you wore today
Day 15- Your dreams
Day 16- Your first kiss
Day 17- Your favorite memory
Day 18- What you ate today
Day 19- Something you regret
Day 20- This month
Day 21- Another moment
Day 22- Something that upsets you
Day 23- Something that makes you feel better
Day 24- Something that makes you cry
Day 25- A first
Day 26- Your fears
Day 27- Your favorite place
Day 28- Something that you miss
Day 29- Your aspirations
Day 30- One last moment

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